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MJones LA

MJONES LA inspires a new culture of learning in our public schools. As a gateway to local school empowerment and community collaboration, it proactively engages students, parents, educators and community partners in the creation of locally-managed, collaborative and accountable schools.


MJONES LA Schools will model how a central office can serve and support its schools in an efficient and accountable manner. In addition, MJONES LA Schools will administer a performance management and accountability system of creating school scorecards on a yearly basis. Finally, MJONES LA Schools will document and disseminate successful practices in order to share learnings across partnerships and schools, and with the larger District.

Ultimately, by partnering with civic institutions, empowering local communities, and providing streamlined service to schools, MJONES LA Schools will restore faith in Los Angeles schools. Moreover, MJONES LA Schools will revive public schools as a lively and competitive option for providing quality and equitable educational opportunities to all children regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or cultural background.

 How will MJONES LA help the schools?

MJONES LA is an external not-for-profit organization with proven experience in education management and a goal to work collaboratively with schools and make available resources and tools each school needs to serve students.

MJONES LA will focus on “six pillars” of school excellence including high expectations, safe, small and clean schools; empowered leadership; rigorous curriculum, family and community involvement, more money to schools. MJONES LA will focus on bringing city and community resources to help students and their families at two of families of schools.

With the greater decision-making comes the need to provide guidance in helping schools make smart decisions and hold them accountable for the results of their choices. Such support and accountability encompass the essence of performance management. Support mechanisms include professional development, mentoring and coaching, while accountability tools include scorecards, performance evaluations and formal recognition and consequences.

The concept of performance management is by no means a new one.  A variety of systems have been implemented in progressive school districts around the country, including New York City, Chicago, Miami and Oakland, not to mention in business environments in which top management has shifted decision-making power to those closer to the “customer.