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Naked Logic Stupid Things We Do

People make bad decisions for all sorts of reasons that everyone can relate to:
I was drunk… he was cute… I needed the money… it was on sale… Seldom do people admit to something much more common: I was naked.

Think about it. We make the dumbest decisions of all when we find ourselves naked, and in public. Take my friend Molly, for example, Molly and her boyfriend spent the night in a beautiful boutique hotel in San Francisco, which advertised that every room was completely unique.

The room they stayed in had a peculiar floor plan, and the door to the bathroom and the door to the hallway looked exactly the same, and were next to each other.

You can probably figure out what happened. She got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and found herself naked in the hallway. And the door had slammed shut behind her.

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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

My husband and I try to teach our kids what matters in life–God, family, friends, love, and compassion. The intangibles. Like all parents, we fight the incoming tide of materialism, and often lose. They fight over video games, beg for more toys, and refuse to share. My 19-month-old even snatches things up, clutches them to her tiny chest, and emphatically declares in her sweet little voice, “Mine!” It’s cute, but also demoralizing. How can we compete with human nature?

We all like our stuff. Giant HD televisions, golf clubs, books, pianos, video games, cake decorating equipment, computers, handbags, shoes, Barbie dolls, movies, blankies, Legos…the list is endless. But it’s not important. We constantly have to remind them and ourselves that if we lost it all, we’d still be blessed with our family, our church, and friends.

We are a Christian family. Like all Christians, we have a standard litany for times of trouble.

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The Beauty of Time Stamping Post

For some this will probably be old information but to others it will be new. To all it should prove to be helpful in some shape or form. Now I am not sure about you all, but I would always wonder how these “pro” bloggers post two to three times a day consistently. How they always find a time to make these post which are usually at certain time intervals.

I figured maybe they type the blogs or at least notes on their phones until they have time to reach a computer. It also crossed my mind that these “pro” bloggers are online all day and have no other life. But neither of these answers seemed to make sense nor did they seem to be correct. What per say is the key to a consistent blog schedule? It is a consistent post writing schedule.

The Time Stamp

See what the big shot bloggers do is take advantage of a little tool known as “time stamping” post. Simply put, this allows a person to type a post and schedule it to post on a certain time and date. This works wonders if you do not have the time to be at the computer all day. It is available for both WordPress as well as Blogger blogs.

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Facts You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Giving Back To The Community

1) It produces joy in your life. It feels good to give to someone or a cause that is truly in need. When you are a blessing to someone else, it produces a type of happiness in you that won’t come from anywhere or anything else.

2) Giving helps you live within your means. If you are giving 5 or 10 percent of your income, it helps you to avoid stretching your own finances to the limit. It forces you to be more precise, focused and planned with the remaining 95 or 90 percent. With less margin for error, you will be less sloppy.

3) It sets an example for your children. When your children see you give, especially giving cheerfully, it will teach them to be generous as well. When you discuss various opportunities for giving with them, it will teach them to be thoughtful and responsible as they decide who or what to support. We all know that our kids will mimic our behavior. Encouraging them to give with their own money now will setup a great habit for the future.

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Are You Overcommitted?

Purpose of this post 

– To improve the way you manage your commitments, therefore, optimizing productivity and performance
Do you feel overcommitted? My guess is that a lot of you would say yes.  The real question is, do you have too much on your plate?  Or, do you truly understand what you’ve committed to?  It may simply be that you don’t have the full picture of your commitments (i.e. outcomes/projects) so you’re always running up hill, jumping from project to project, not knowing where you’re headed next.

Let’s face it, you could have five projects going, but it may seem like fifty.  Or, if you’ve managed these commitments the right way, you could have fifty projects, but feel like you only have five.  My point is this….your focus will be compromised if you don’t understand all that you’ve committed to yourself.  Furthermore, you psyche will be in a state of survival and your energy will wane considerably.

Let’s talk about what type of commitments there are. 

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So Long Summer

We are nearing the last day of Summer. Yep, that’s right; school starts for me tomorrow. I will no longer be a freshman, I will be a sophomore.

I’m slightly excited, but only because I’m moving on up, will no longer be the youngest in the school, and begin to make a name for myself, all over again.

What I’m not excited about is soon to be homework, no more all nighters, and just the over all stress of school it self. BUT! Yes there is a but. I have a proposition to make.

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What Type of Legacy are you Leaving

My uncle passed away last week.  I attended his funeral and had the privilege of listening to the eulogy delivered by his son-in-law.  It got me thinking….what kind of legacy will I leave behind?

One of the catalysts for me starting 1440 was this simple reason – leaving a legacy for my children. There’s a fantastic movie called My Life, where Michael Keaton plays a guy who has terminal cancer (1993).

His wife’s pregnant and he decides to videotape himself (make a documentary) so his unborn child can know his father.  It’s really an amazing movie.  It puts life into perspective and I highly suggest watching it.

At the very least it reminds us that life is short and we all have it pretty good, as long as we’re breathing.  I plan on writing a lot about this topic and this is the first installment. Continue reading What Type of Legacy are you Leaving

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Benefits of Writing Contest

Benefits of a writing contest is not doubt both for the contest organizer and for the contest participants, especially to improve writing skills and to promote the articles that have been registered in the contest.

The benefits of writing contest is great especially if the contest organizers and the participants of the contest are the blog owner. With this contest then their blogs will be more popular and can increase the visitor traffic on their respective blogs.

Beforehand, there is a question for the readers of this article. Are you ready to answer this question? Are you a skilled or just novice writer? Do you have any will to upgrade your quality as writer into an authority expert? If all of the questions are answered by YES! You might need to read this article to end. Here is about writing contest that surely provides incredible experience and some positive feedback for the career of writing.

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How Many Ipods Is Too Much?

ipod-nanochromaticI think my gadget love is getting a bit too much. I mean, who needs three iPods?

I’m not joking, I’ve got an iPod Shuffle (1st gen) which I only really use as an extra flash drive, an iPod Shuffle (2nd gen) for when I’m either walking the dog or out running and an iPod touch for my “main” music player, even though it’s mostly photos and apps on there and only about 10GB music on there.

And guess what I’ve asked my mum to bring me back from Hong Kong next week? Yup, an unlocked iPhone. Not quite sure why I need both an iPhone and an iPod touch but I do really want the phone version. I’ve hovered between that and the HTC Touch HD phone for the past week, but the iPhone is winning at the moment.

Do you own multiple MP3/MP4 players? I can’t be the only person…can I?

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Online Tools Review of StudySpider

There is a neat, new free service on the market right now aimed at both students and teachers. This cool new study notes online tool features a revolutionary system that allows you to easily upload all of your study notes or lessons plans, and store them online. The system immediately goes to work creating a searchable data base of all of your notes, featuring note pages with automatically generated links to other relevant pages of notes you have.

Essentially they build a cool website out for your notes that looks and feels a lot like Wikipedia – but it’s all about your notes. It does not end there. Studyup allows you to network with other students studying similar subjects or topics. The StudyUp “StudySpider” scans your notes and cross references your information with all notes in the StudyUp database. Recommendations are then made to the user for networking opportunities.

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