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Happy Camping Sorry Glamping

Yes its true. We are heading off to Teapot Lane (isn’t that such a great name?) to sleep in a yurt. Yurts are portable felt covered structures mostly used by nomads in Mongolia and other places, but they have been gaining popularity as semi-permanent structures all over the world.

I just finished a book called A Handmade Life by William Coperthwaite. If you haven’t read this – do. It’s an excellent book. If you have read it, have you made the peanut butter/honey/oats crunch thing yet? Let me know how that worked out.

William Coperthwaite has been perfecting the art of yurt building, and now lives in a lovely wooden one in Maine. He has adapted the yurt to his climate and as a structure it’s quite incredible. I love this guy’s philosophy and one day I will learn to make his democratic chair!

Teapot Lane looks like a total delight and I am looking forward to many things – mainly the bed and not having to deal with broken tent poles in a howling gale. See, normally, we camp – in a tent, and with a few airbeds and the odd pillow.

But in my current rather precarious pregnant state, that kind of camping was not an option. But I love camping. I love the freedom, the air, the pootling about, the walks at dusk, and this delightful place seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

There are beds for everyone, and I don’t have to actually put a tent up – hurrah! The yurts are already there, ready and waiting for us, all clean and dandy. There’s even a Fairy Garden. Sigh. So, I’ll be gone a few days, dreaming up new sciorta to keep us toasty as the nights get darker and the days get shorter.

My Accountant Says …

Sorry … another Sex and the City reference … “my therapist says…”) Anyways, I’m back.

My immediate family all use the same accountant.  Could we do the taxes ourselves? Possibly. But that’s a topic for another day.

So last year I got a return but my siblings owed (state and Federal).  I can’t remember about my parents.  Anyway, our accountant told us to claim we were single (which at the time I legally was) and zero exemptions.

Let me tell you, that sucked! It was a lot more money out of my paycheck (ok … not a lot more money, but enough that I’d notice).  But we listened.  And this year, we all got rebates.

Which got me thinking.  My accountant, I listened to without really a moment’s hesitation.

Doctors, not so much.  Now I’m not talking about big things like cancer where we’d probably do anything our doctor recommended.  I’m talking about “proactive” things like lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more.  Ok, technically these could all be “big” things some day but at least in the present they aren’t IMMEDIATELY life threatening, so more often than not, we ignore the advice.

For instance, my orthopedist recommended I wear a boot a few hours a day and do some exercises to help my foot.  The boot I’m pretty good at wearing.  The exercises?  Not so much.  I keep saying I’ll start.  But alas I don’t.

Maybe tonight will be the night!

I bet our accountant was pleasantly surprised when he saw our IRS forms and saw that we ALL listened to his advice.

If only all professionals got the same response…

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