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So Long Summer

We are nearing the last day of Summer. Yep, that’s right; school starts for me tomorrow. I will no longer be a freshman, I will be a sophomore.

I’m slightly excited, but only because I’m moving on up, will no longer be the youngest in the school, and begin to make a name for myself, all over again.

What I’m not excited about is soon to be homework, no more all nighters, and just the over all stress of school it self. BUT! Yes there is a but. I have a proposition to make.

I will not procrastinate. I will set my priorities in a wise fashion and will not let little things get to me. I will do my best, and help others around me do the same. We can all be stress free!
Of course, I may have said something similar last year, and did not live up to what I said. This year is different. Unlike last year, I’m working for something. As an Elite Scholar, to continue to be one I must maintain a good average (preferably a 3.5 or higher), and involve my self in a lot of clubs and such.

I’ve never had anything below a 4.0 which is all A’s and I do not plan to change that. You guys will definitely be in for some stories about this year’s endeavors. So prepare yourselves. Ha, I guess on the bright side, it’ll be easier for me to find blog topics. LOL!

As for the site, this is a new layout (After just re-opening yesterday). Didn’t I say I would be changing it soon? Well, yeah. This layout is my proof. Who would have thought I’d go Green! I’m all for the environment, but green just isn’t my color lol. But it looks presentable in this layout, so it should do for now. I hope you guys like it!

There are some updates too!
I added a photo gallery, which can be seen HERE! I finally figured away to display some photos of myself. So you guys can finally really see what I look like. I also added a new section to the extra section: Textures!

I’ve already had icon textures, so I finally made some for regular graphics. Other things, are wallpapers, updated writing section and some other things I can’t remember. You’ll find them on your own. Oh, yeah! I even updated my crap of an icon section for people who need some gravatars. View below.


That’s really about it. I’d like to know what you guys think of the new things, including the layout. Plus, thank you very much for the comments last posts. I feel loved. Lol. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my first day back went!

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